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diagram of suburban chaos full length, "status negatives"

the diagram of suburban chaos full length "status negatives" is finished.

since we at imputor? like to try new things, we are going to do a limited edition pre-release of this record. 100 hand numbered copies to the first 100 web customers, starting now. by pre-release, we mean pre-press also, meaning that we will ship out all 100 copies before we send the promotional copies to the press. So the first 100 people will hear it before anyone else. And as a special
bonus for you early customers, the 23rd, 66th and 99th order placed will be free (we will give u your money back, because you were lucky). The packaging is extremeley snazzy, with a silk screened pressed CD with 15 fresh as fuck tracks tracks mastered by qp(with one track co-produced by plastiq phantom) @ the velcro lounge. The price is $10(us) + $2 shipping for the US, and $4 for the rest of the world. You can pay via by sending funds to or you can send a check or money order to:


post office box 17489

seattle, washington 98107

usa, planet earth.

posted by: imputor?
April 3rd, 2001