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August 13th: Vells-Mas DOWNLOAD Integretron Free for 12 Days

Beginning August 13th, we will begin Uploading the NEW Vells Album Integretron in DRM free MP3 format - 1 song a day for 12 Days. WTF you say? We are trying something new for you. This is probably the last Vells album Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse) will contribute to, and possibly the last Vells album for a while. Tom Peloso of Modest Mouse plays fiddle on the closing track. Tony Palmasani from Red Stars Theory plays guitar on this record. Original Vells Member Adam Howery came into the studio to lay down the Bass tracks. We are stoked about this record. Come back on Monday and start downloading the album and sharing it with your friends and parents.


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posted by: Dw33n0r
August 8th, 2007