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NEW EPs coming this Fall/Winter

from Diagram of Suburban Chaos & Yours!
posted by: imputor
October 1st, 2011


Yep thats right. Yours is now Yours !
Grab Ordinary Life for the special price of FREE> We love you!

posted by: d
July 6th, 2011

Diagram of Suburban Chaos EDGE OF THE POOL EP!

NOW up for preorder/preview on ITUNES!
posted by: d
April 24th, 2011


featuring the best remix of the best song ever "pizza hot taco bell"!

posted by: d
April 15th, 2011

NEW World Gang Song on JAPAN Benifit Comp

Our friends from 7e.p. in Japan are about release a compilation where all proceeds go to benifit the Japan disaster relief. WORLD GANG was happy to donate a new song for our buddies in Japan Pre Order it @ iTunes Tons of Cool songs from other awesome bands on the Comp Too! Olypmic Peninsula Bro's Mount Erie... Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Tara Jane O'neil, Quasi, Lullatone and many other awesome bands! Only 6.99.
posted by: d
April 5th, 2011

0's 1 in top 100 free downloads on

download it for free, and help bring it to #1
posted by: d
April 2nd, 2011

UPDATE most releases on amazon digital!

Lots of free downloads:

imputor on amazon
posted by: d
April 1st, 2011

trading a j for a j

as some of you may know mister J snodgrass has had a child, and his life has gotten busy & oh we love you J. But J has decided to step down from daily operations @ imputor? & my world gang collaborator & good friend j green has decided to step up to the plate. So its 2011 and imputor is still a collective of ds and js collectively know as DJ or WG or GreenWiener

posted by: Darrin
February 5th, 2011

World Gang Drums Repress

we are repressing 200 drums 7"s

Drums is a Drum break record from Jeremiah Green, Drummer of Vells & Modest Mouse. World Gang is a band with Jeremiah & Plastiq Phantom
posted by: d
January 30th, 2011

plastiq phantom 492 cups to china on itunes!

A vinyl exclusive forever...
now on itunes with a bonus Chinas mix!

It only came out 9 years ago. This system we have here is fast!

posted by: d
January 17th, 2011

New Single from Combustion & Plastiq Phantom

Plastiq Phantom and Hymen Recording Artist Combustion collaborated on music for Nando Costa & Superfad's Titles for the 2010 Flash on the Beach Festival. Now by popular demand, all parties have decided to release the song for pleasure.....

Check out the amazing video, and download the new single today!
posted by: d
October 1st, 2010

Landfill graphics artshow in San Diego TONIGHT!

Tonight at Whistlestop Bar in San Diego, a group artshow curated by JFRE Coad of Aspects of Physics with a special live performance by snoutsnuiters

More info:!/event.php?eid=118531574864597

posted by: j
August 25th, 2010

Interesting video about Diagram of Suburban Chaos.

Anyone have a translation of this?

posted by: j
August 25th, 2010

Aspects of Physics "Slow-Fi EP" Available Today

"A-tempoed ambient spasms in slow motion/full mutation;" Somewhere between "Shri Camel" by Terry Riley & "Thursday Afternoon" by Brian Eno. 3 tracks, but over 60 minutes of music... do the math!

Includes free software version of Slow-Fi - a generative self-correcting audio/visual environment. Original concept and software by Jason Soares 2004. Modified in 2009 by Jason Soares & JFRE Coad.

Watch a video of the Slow-fi software in action:

Download Slow-Fi Software (PC/Mac)

You can download a FREE MP3 of the first track here: Slow-fi Condition 1

Purchase Digital: iTunes | ThinkIndie

Album Details | | AoP @ Facebook
posted by: j
August 24th, 2010

Roam a maze of art and music in San Diego

Who doesn't like mazes? Here's a real-life maze with some special imputor? buddies lost somewhere inside!

"In conjunction with San Diego Contemporary Art Fair and Arts Month San Diego, Space 4 Art will invite the public to roam a maze of 35 individual artist studios, installations, and music stages filled with zithers, home-made synthesizers, toy pianos, and custom-hacked pianos. Meet the artists. Hear some music. See the studios. Check out the show in the gallery."

Aspects of Physics will be able to be found somewhere in the maze, their first performance in over a year.

It happens September 4th @ Space 4 Art - 325 15th Street, San Diego, 92101

More info here:!/event.php?eid=106969606027496&ref=mf
posted by: j
August 20th, 2010

FEVER RAY vs PETER GABRIEL 1 day download!


Thanks Kaori from Magic Echo Music
posted by: d
August 19th, 2010

Free download of first track from upcoming Aspects of Physics EP

Free ambient massage for your earholes: download the 1st track from Aspects of Physics' new EP "Slow-Fi" out Aug 24th: Free "Slow-fi Condition 1" Download
posted by: j
August 13th, 2010

Acamonchi + Diagram of Suburban Chaos = bello e inspirante

Check out this video by Xavier Vasquez about one of our favorite artists and long-time buddy Gerardo Yépiz aka Acamonchi, with music by Diagram of Suburban Chaos:

Sapos y Culebras | Acamonchi En CECUT, Tijuana, MX from xavier vasquez on Vimeo.

posted by: js
August 7th, 2010

imputor digital available on amazon store AUG 24th

most releases will be available through amazon MP3 downloads on AUG 24TH 2010
posted by: d
August 6th, 2010

New Stuff coming in Late Summer / Fall

A new one from San Diego's Aspects Of Physics.
A wicked drop from Diagram of Suburban Chaos
A surprise new random snag from Portland Wild Things
posted by: d
July 27th, 2010

Aspects of Physics "MIF3" Out Today!

Aspects of Physics "MIF3" out today! $7.99 DRM-free digital download exclusive @ Think Indie: Available everywhere else (iChoons/Chapster/tEamusic/etc) July 21st.

FREE Tracks:
- Level 3
- Default Actions
posted by: j
July 14th, 2009

Free download of "Level 3" from AoP's new album

Free 320kbps download of "Level 3" from Aspect of Physics' forthcoming album "MIF3" (July 14th):
posted by: j
June 10th, 2009

Aspects of Physics MIF Series Poster

New promo poster for the Aspects of Physics "Marginalized Information Forms" Series of releases:

Aspects of Physics: Marginalized Information Forms Series
posted by: j
June 10th, 2009

World Gang Music on Adobe Artist Profile for Nando Costa The music in the Profile Video on Nando Costa has music from world gang. thanks Dan!
posted by: d
May 26th, 2009

Aspects of Physics live @ The Casbah San Diego June 4th

We're in the final stages of preparing Aspects of Physics' new release "Marginalized Information Forms 3: Other" due July 14th 2009, but you can get a sneak peak June 4th @ The Casbah in San Diego.

They are playing with Sleeping People and Little White Teeth. Tix are $8.

posted by: j
May 12th, 2009

Think Indie! DRM-free digital downloads from indie record stores across the land.

The Coalition of Indie Music Stores has launched their digital downloads site and imputor? is proud to be a part of it! 320kbps/DRM-free -- support indie record stores and buy from them instead of iTunes/Amazon/eMusic!

or for the imputor? page.

posted by: j
May 1st, 2009

DJ jsnod @ Record Store Day

j imputor? will be DJing @lousrecords this Saturday at 11AM for Record Store Day. Come support indie record stores!
posted by: j
April 15th, 2009

Entire Imputor? catalog now fully streamable on!

Well, it's taken a few years, but we've finally gotten around to uploading the entire Imputor? catalog for full streaming on We've even thrown in a few free downloads from each album, so enjoy!

We've got releases from:

American Sheriff
Aspects of Physics
calculator man & hangar
Diagram of Suburban Chaos
DJs On Strike!
el poeta
Otto Von Schirach
Plastiq Phantom
Psychic Emperor
T. Roberts
World Gang

... with more to come!
posted by: j
March 26th, 2009

imputor? news RSS feed now available!

Our RSS feed had been broken for years, but we finally got around to updating it so that now you can get all of your imputor? news delivered directly into your favorite RSS reader:
posted by: jrss
March 6th, 2009

Japan, Australia, and New Zealand iTunes now available.

The imputor? worldwide digital takeover has advanced across continents just like a game of RISK - all of our digital releases are now available in Japan and Australia/New Zealand! So get a bottle of Sake, a can of Fosters, grab your junk and double clunk for some sweet earhole stimulation from imputor?!!

Click for iTunes:

posted by: jtunes
March 6th, 2009

New Psychic Emperor EP out today

Check out some hot new jams from our silly dudes with not so much tude. Favorite song = Suicide
posted by: d
February 25th, 2009

8 of 8===D brings you Jungle Cole

posted by: d
February 24th, 2009

T Roberts is for Lovers! OUT TODAY

One of my favorite new releases.... Dug up from the dusty dusty.
posted by: d
February 14th, 2009

8===D Signs to imputor for...

Their Kalimba Time Trial EP Release.... More info soon.
posted by: d
February 13th, 2009

New music from new imputor artist 0

0's first album 1 is now available on itunes. Please enjoy.
posted by: d
February 7th, 2009

World Gang DRUMS off to Cargo UK

We are sending the rest of the drums 7"s to Cargo UK, so they will finally be availabe to them; other shops in the Europe region of the world will be able to order them from them. Pre-order with your local shop. Sorry we slack so much in getting our vinyl overseas. It takes time to make sticky stuff and affix feathers to records and stamp them, plus I slack because I have been shooting bee bee guns at cans too much, and OCD cleaning too much, and stuff y cosas. Limited to 300 pieces. not to be repressed. Hand Assembled - Some look good, some don't. It might be a fact.

posted by: d
January 29th, 2009

New Releases from 0, World Gang and T Roberts

in the coming months.
posted by: d
January 26th, 2009

Aspects of Physics shitteo for you!

AoP has started off 2009 with a bang, check out this video:

aspects of physics - song form shitteo from Jason Soares on Vimeo.
posted by: j
January 8th, 2009

Carol of the Hells

Here it is for 2008!

An Extended Version of the Vells Classic

posted by: d
December 17th, 2008


please enjoy -

posted by: imputor
August 11th, 2008

Get our shit fast and futher mucking free

super fast get all our shit on our new faster webserver. watch those mp3s fly to your HD - all 320 kbs...

posted by: d
July 12th, 2008

Vells Charting on WRAS #71

WHOOT! thanks WRAS
posted by: d
July 2nd, 2008


posted by: MP3
June 9th, 2008

OTTO VON SCHIRACH PUKOLOGY's Available / DJs on Strike Too Hot...

check out our ye olde shoppe for OVS PUKOLOGY foooooo. qty=9 so hurrryyyyy
DJs On Strike too hot for solid steel is now available as a free download in the mp3 section
posted by: d
June 4th, 2008

WORLDGANG 8-track out JUNE 10th

first 8-track release from imputor . let's lose the "?" OK?
limited to a first pressing er uh dubbing of 5 copies. The awesome thing about 8 tracks is its an endless loop... and someday the tape break.... then bam its over... until a wizard fixes it.

you can paypal imputor {@} if you would like to preorder.

Please put: "WORLDGANG 8-track" in the subject....

Strictly limited to 5 copies.

posted by: d
June 2nd, 2008


Available June 1st.
WORLDGANG's DRUMS via MP3 via Other Music Digital
posted by: d
May 31st, 2008


Sound Samples for the WORLDGANG Drums Record now available online!
in the fabulous mp3 format WTF! Free Breaks! We only got about 100 of the vinyl left, and once they are out, they are out! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
posted by: dj
May 14th, 2008

Other Music Digital

imputor? releases will now be sold as Shareable DRM-Free MP3s from Other Music Digital, the Digital Store of the Amazing store Other Music, perfect for all that "other" music. A tip: We will be having free downloads @ Other Music Digital 3 songs per album and 2 per ep as our Music is uploaded to the store. Take Care! Happy May 13th! Feliz Cumplanions -11 para J
posted by:
May 13th, 2008

Venetian Snares, Proem, MachineDrum, Joseph Nothing

Tracks from all these dudes and more available at a special price on the Six Records Comp. Also, Trent! give us an email if you are out there.

Some more just showed up in our shop, so check it out at the special freedom de mayo price !

posted by: d
May 5th, 2008

rad photo of tristan marcum by naheed

my friend naheed took this awesome photo of our buddy tristan who is the voxalist for vells and psychic emperor... the grass is whipped into a vortex by tristan's effortess hooping.

posted by: d
May 1st, 2008

radiohead remix wah wah wah

so my friend evan gave me his remix, and well it inspired me to get off my ass, and use my ASR thanks to some amazingly helpful and inspirational ASR videos on youtube by vinroc. it was fun...
posted by: drwiener
May 1st, 2008


Order it Direct from us at the special intro price of 5$. Jeremiah Green who is a wicked drummer playing since a wee biscuit and with home slices Modest Mouse and on our two releases from Vells 1 from Plastiq Phantom and 1 for Psychic Emperor recorded this Drum breaks record . 4 breaks for a total of 6 minutes a side. Each break is a song, and not a loop, so you will have some drums to Jam to or new beats to make songs. Also Colored Vinyl!!! Limited to 300 Pieces for the World. Each record sleeve has a feather attached to it, and is handmade and hand-numbered.Buy yours today

posted by: d
March 20th, 2008

'Stalking Digital' and 'It's Andersen...' now available on iTunes.

Long-time imputor? cohort and logo-tattoo-having Datascraper (TAFKAPDX) has his debut release available from iTunes via imputor?!!!!

Datascraper - Stalking Digital

Also, an imputor? classic, the collaboration between Plastiq Phantom and The Snodgrass, otherwise known as Calculator Man & Hangar, is now available through iTunes as well. It features a never-before released track from the dusty archives.. the Antonio Banderas epic 'Lolipop' !!!!

Calculator Man And Hangar - It's Andersen, Not Anderson, Bytch! - EP

posted by: j
February 16th, 2008

WORLDGANG - SoundPacer tapes Available again.

That super limited release from GREENWIENER aka Jeremiah Green and Darrin Wiener is available again... Jeremiah finally decided to let go of the 15 or 20 tapes he was keeping to himself. Each one is uniquely burned and painted by him... He inhaled the toxic fumes to make your eyes smile. Each tape has slightly different music on it too.
posted by: imputor?
February 12th, 2008

imp030 - Tubes now available on iTunes.

posted by: d
January 11th, 2008

Happy New Year...

New stuffs this year!
posted by: d
January 3rd, 2008

christmas remix archive dig up.

Me and Hangar have been looking for the bonus track we wanna put on the digital version of our "It's Andersen, not Anderson Bytch" EP (R.I.P. Paul Andersen) and I found a remix of a Christmas Song I did in 2000.
Download and jam at your Holiday Party Gang

posted by: d
December 16th, 2007

Holiday Up Yourselves! Respect!

Yo imputor peeps. Happy holidays! Here is a track off our fabled Jingle Vells Xmas Collection. We have some fun things coming your way in the '08. Thank you and seasons greetings from Tristan, Darrin, the Jingle Vells and imputor! Massive love and luck in the new year to all. T-Unit
posted by: Sir Tristan
December 7th, 2007

Aspects of Physics free download.

We've made the title track Cummulative erRor available for download for your listening pleasure. Download it here for free, that's zero pesos!!
posted by: j
December 6th, 2007

DRM-Free iTunes Plus Now Available!!

Imputor? DRM-Free iTunes Plus downloads are now available from Apple's iTunes! Same price (99 cents), higher quality, and now you can move the files wherever you want.

As of now only our newest releases are available in iTunes Plus, but we are currently re-encoding our back catalogue so that eventually ALL of our releases will be available from iTunes DRM-free.

Also 2 new releases on iTunes:
- Aspects of Physics' "Marginalized Information Forms 2: Cummulative ErRror
- Plastiq Phantom's "Tubes" - previously vinyl only!
posted by: j
November 21st, 2007

Vells Charting College Radio more...

#9 on KUPS week ending Nov 4th

#46 on WXDU week ending Oct 22nd

#26 on WXDU week ending Nov 4th

#52 on WXDU week ending Nov 12th

#77 on KEXP (Oct-24th-29th)

posted by: d
November 10th, 2007

New Plastiq Phantom track featuring Tristan Marcum (Vells and PE)

available on itunes:

or the label: fourthcity -> but they never sent us a copy, so maybe it is digital only - we are uninformed...
posted by: ?
November 1st, 2007

Aspects of Physics - MIF2 OUT NOW!!

The 2nd in the 3-part series from San Diego's Aspects of Physics is OUT NOW! You can buy it directly from us for $9.99 or you can buy it from iTunes and finer record stores across the universe.
posted by: j
October 16th, 2007

Vells is Out today!

Integretron is in stock and Shipping now! We were a little late getting them to our distro, so it might a few more days for some stores/areas.

Check it out!
posted by: imputor?
September 18th, 2007

Vells Testify/Prestify = Banger of the Year

"Testify/Prestify" One of my favorite tracks off the New Vells album, and features guitars and Drums by Jeremiah Green is available for Download for a limited time during the 12 days of Vells-Mas.
Check the Banger out now.
posted by: d
August 23rd, 2007

Vells - Pre-Order Now - Official Release Sept 18th

We have confirmation from the pressing plant that the Vells record should be in our hands around the 14th of September. PRE-Order from imputor? , and recieve a 11x17 Vells Poster Designed by Nando Costa. We will ship them to you the day after we get them. Vells-Mas is going strong; songs are dropping after they reach 1000 Downloads the MP3s are 160KBps and check out the lyrics.
posted by: imputor?
August 20th, 2007

3rd Day of Vells-Mas

Hit off the 3rd Day of Vells-Mas with the killer track All eleven Lull.

check out the lyrics too, as we post them with each song.
posted by: imputor?
August 15th, 2007

Download Vells New Album Integretron Starting today. (free for a limited time)

We are trying something new here at imputor?, so try a new album with us - We will be posting a song a day (in order) for free download from, from Vells new Album Integretron. Start today with the first song: "Precious Sweet" Download Here
posted by: imputor?
August 13th, 2007

August 13th: Vells-Mas DOWNLOAD Integretron Free for 12 Days

Beginning August 13th, we will begin Uploading the NEW Vells Album Integretron in DRM free MP3 format - 1 song a day for 12 Days. WTF you say? We are trying something new for you. This is probably the last Vells album Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse) will contribute to, and possibly the last Vells album for a while. Tom Peloso of Modest Mouse plays fiddle on the closing track. Tony Palmasani from Red Stars Theory plays guitar on this record. Original Vells Member Adam Howery came into the studio to lay down the Bass tracks. We are stoked about this record. Come back on Monday and start downloading the album and sharing it with your friends and parents.


your imputor?
posted by: Dw33n0r
August 8th, 2007

imputor? has some new digs!

The global imputor? mainframe has moved a bit south to Portland. Please note our new address:

PO Box 15280
Portland Oregon 97293
posted by: j
July 12th, 2007

Psychic Emperor "Communication" TILE / VellsMas

The new Psychic Emperor Tile comes out in stores via ceramic tile on June 12th --- YES the rumors are true - THis CD case is a Cermaic Tile that has many other uses besides a CD case! IE (making a mosaic, to cook a Pizza in the Appocolypse, simply replacing that tile you broke at grandmas, or painting on it or having your youngers/elders paint on it and giving it as a gift to someone else... WE *HEART* RECYCLING.

PS Vells new release date is JULY 12th (the heat of summer) & VELLS-MAS will start June 12th Accordingly.

PSS American Sheriff will hit stores and Digital August 21st.
posted by: d y j
May 9th, 2007


To Celebrate the release of the new Vells records Integretron we will be having the 12 days of Vells-Mas here at imputor? what does that mean? That means that we will be making the ENTIRE new Vells album available for download right here @ starting MAY 12th - (1 month before the album will be available via CD or download) 1 song a day for 12 days - the album from start to finish! Keep posted, and get your downloading fingers / robots ready!
posted by: ?
April 17th, 2007

CD sale in the shop YO! get our crazy packages and stuff SPRING SALE

We have some crazy packages and limited editions that are almost out of print, SO in celebration we are having a sale at our shop (link in menu bar ye olde shoppe) 2-3 bucks off each CD and shipping is included yo!
posted by: abcDefghiJklmnopqrstuvuxyz
April 5th, 2007

Vells.... you might have thought it was a myth

but the new full length album entitled integretron has been sent to the awesome Twerk @ for mastering!!!
posted by: d
February 20th, 2007

Running low on PUKOLOGY

Revolver, Boomkat and Forced Exposure (Distros) are out of PUKOLOGY.... We got less than 50 copies left! Order from ye oldde shoppe @ imputor?
posted by: d
February 18th, 2007

support itunes on the anti DRM

DRM is BS! thanks
posted by: drmsucks
February 15th, 2007

Just a few more AIDS tapes

i think we are gonna make 5 or so more AIDS / World Gang SoundPacer Senior II tapes. for sale at easy street queen anne SEA.
posted by: world gange
February 11th, 2007

releases this year... oo7

  • one from casy and brian!
  • one from vells
  • brand new matierial from psychic emperor
  • AIDS better get their shit together
  • dream of a DC remix record
    posted by: us
    January 29th, 2007

  • Order Soon Specials!!

    Buy that special something for that special someone.... Holiday Special!! from now until the new year, Order any two items and get 1 disc (new PE or alt sub) for free!
    posted by: NW shipping clerk
    November 8th, 2006

    NEW American Sheriff & Psychic Empeor Records!

    Both are done, and will start shipping within a week! You can order now! Clips etc, Soon - Psychic Emperor is on itunes & American Sheriff will be there soon! peace... to the world
    posted by: don juan snodgrass wiener
    October 31st, 2006

    In the h0ly sh!t catagory: Pleaseeasaur

    Pleaseeasaur's Debut album for Comedy Central Records with an animated feature pleaseeasaur andventure animated by the Sealab2021 Animators will be released October 24th Worldwide. Preorder it at Comedy Central Records. There is a tour to follow with a release show on Friday @ Chop Suey with our lover Neil Hamburger in Seattle!!!! We will have the American Sheriff album at that show! ...
    posted by: don juan snodgrass wiener
    October 17th, 2006

    cheese pants and scalley wags! SUXXXX000RRRS

    hahahah i am an #LIT# hax04 i hackerd your site dumbdnasssesss - go to my site it is way raddderrr!!!! A hre
    posted by: slick rick
    October 6th, 2006

    2 new ones for halloween / AIDS tapes

    Hey ya'll this halloween will be scary cause we got two killer records coming out ! New Psychic Emperor recorded live on KXLU and mastered by Twerk & American Sheriff's Long Awaited Debut album... everyone send the snodgrass an email and tell him to send his debut 7" thingee with AEM to the scalleywag manufacturer - I love those songs dudeeeee get that shit out ... I know it sounds amazing !>>! Also you should order those AIDS tapes cause we will not have any more of those things pretty soon -- they are all painted and mangled (60 minutes of music and a preview of things to come...) HEARING AIDS wise.
    posted by: d
    September 28th, 2006

    Vells 2007 integretron.

    Hello Folks.
    A little Vells update for ya'll. Vells' 2nd album Integretron is nearing Completion... It is in the final stages of Mixing - Off to mastering by twerk Soon.... Line Up on the Recording is: Adam Howery: Bass, Jeremiah Green: Drums, Guitar, Noises. Tristan Marcum: Vox, Gat/Keys. Mary Thinnes: Keys, Piano, Vox, Tambo Toni Palmasani, Guitar/Mixing. Darrin Wiener: Producer, Randoms. Coming Spring 2007 with Artwork by Nando Costa....
    posted by: don johnson
    August 28th, 2006

    Back Catalog in stock for a limited time.

    we are psyched we finally got the last of the copies we will get of some older out of print stuff. Check out the shop and homepage - we pretty much have everything for now. Not too many copies of each, so grab em while we got em! thanks we love you. imputor?
    posted by: dj
    July 13th, 2006

    OTTO VON SCHIRACH - PUKOLOGY - NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dudes, we promise... it is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooo
    and you can order it now!! It will begin shipping to OUR customers friday june 23rd! Order yours today.
    posted by: dj
    June 21st, 2006

    OTTO double ended 7" OUT JULY 4th PREORDERS SOON

    limited to 666 copies for the world....
    posted by: d
    June 7th, 2006

    Nando Costa Defective video in OneDotZero 10 Festival

    WE are happy to announce that latest video from Nando Costa
    posted by: deez nutz
    May 26th, 2006

    Otto's PUKOLOGY almost done !!

    due to the complex/uinique nature of the packaging there has been some unexpected printing delays, but it is mastered properly, and the plates are waiting for the last label - then that shit is in effect! peace love pukology and imputor?
    posted by: d
    May 26th, 2006

    Nando Costa / Plastiq Phantom @ OFFF Barcelona May 13th

    We are pleased to anounce that our frined Nando Costa has brought Plastiq Phantom (representing Polar Empire) to perform during his presentation @ the OFFF digital arts festival in Barcelona on May 13th - If you are planning to attend or live in Barcelona, give D a shout: d [@] -- or myspace plastiq phantom.... NErD EEE ORRR
    posted by: wiener
    May 4th, 2006

    Nando Costa vs. Plastiq Phantom @ Getty Images The Next Big Idea Contest

    You can check out Nando Costa's latest Video with music by plastiq phantom @ Getty Images the next big idea contest ... The video is titled defective.... Please sign up and vote! We spent many months making this video. Many Vells played instruments and sang on this piece. You must register with Getty to vote and see the film, but please do... Much love. direct link to film Thanks and enjoy the films!

    posted by: d
    March 31st, 2006

    Pleaseeasaur tour with Pinback.

    Our favorite TV Dinosaur Pleaseeasaur is hitting the road in May for a tour with San Diego indie-gods Pinback. Check out the Tour Dates.
    posted by: js
    March 21st, 2006

    OTTO, VELLS & New Project Updates....

    We hope 2006 is treating you as well as uS.

    WE got some rad shit for 2006 or at least being made in 2006.

    ))))))) VELLS (((((((((

    We are putting the final touches on the Vells Album, and getting it ready for Mixing. The Artwork has started being worked on by Nando Costa, Jeremiah Green, & Linn Olofsdotter.

    {{{{{OTTO VON SCHIRACH}}}}}}}}}}

    Mister OTTO has turned the Puke Masters in to be cut by the record cutters -- we got the tests back, and had to send them back to get cut again... Otto and imputor? demand perfection. So that puts it off a bit longer, but don't worry the art is done, and waiting for the beautiful sloppy slimey seductions to slip into the gatefold. ...

    posted by: d
    March 12th, 2006

    Pleaseeasaur has a new website too!

    Board the Dream Barge and check out the shiny new Official Pleaseeasaur Headquarters.
    posted by: Pleaseeawhore
    February 14th, 2006

    DOSC has a new website!

    Diagram of Suburban Chaos has a new website. Cheq it, foo!
    posted by: jsnod
    January 27th, 2006

    Pleaseeasaur Signs to COMEDY CENTRAL RECORDS!!!

    Hooray Hooray Everyone jump on the DREAM BARGE - Pleaseeasaur has signed to comedy central records (YES that comedy central) -- this is just what we always dreamed of for the saur!!! everyone make sure to congratulate him and look for his new DVD/CD out fall this year!! "Last Chance! DOG SHIT!!"
    posted by: d
    January 19th, 2006

    NEW Shizznit PP/Science Split 12" IN otto to press

    The otto 2 x 7" is going off to the pressing plants finally ... the shit sounds and looks more beautiful than any dream anyone ever had. The new PP/Scientific American Split 12" just got back from the press, and comes with a crazy disgusting 6x36" fold out poster from nando costa -- Limited to 484 copies for the world ... available now in imputors YeOlddshoppe and o the world in the next months....
    posted by: deez Yo nutz
    November 29th, 2005

    imputor? now on iTunes

    You can get some of our releases on iTunes now, check the links from the releases page or on the home page. There are also links for each release in Ye Olde Shoppe. More releases, including our out-of-print back catalog will be showing up over the next weeks/months.
    posted by: d
    October 6th, 2005

    Aspects of Physics nominated in San Diego Music Awards

    Our own Aspects of Physics have been nominated in the 'Best Electronic' category at the 2005 San Diego Music Awards. This is their third straight year of being nominated. Go vote at
    posted by: j
    September 9th, 2005

    New Releases! Sound Clips + Now available in Ye Olde Shoppe

    We've got THREE new releases to share with the world! Check out sound clips & info:

    All of these will be in stores in the next couple weeks, but you can buy them NOW from imputor? in Ye Olde Shoppe.
    posted by: j
    May 24th, 2005

    Pre-order Pleaseeasaur's Action Spectacular DVD Now!

    We're taking pre-orders for Pleaseeasaurs Action Spectacular DVD in Ye Olde Shoppe. We'll be shipping them out as soon as we get them, probably in a week or two.
    posted by: pleaseeawhore
    April 15th, 2005

    Vote Dalmatians for Seattle Weekly music awards.

    imputor?'s Dalmatians have been nominated for "best electronica" at the 2005 Seattle Weekly Music Awards. Vote for them here.
    posted by: j
    April 7th, 2005

    Psychic Emperor live video @ Friends Chill.

    Check out a video of Psychic Emperor performing live @ Friends Chill in San Diego!
    posted by: a friend chilling
    April 5th, 2005

    imputor?'s Spring/Summer 2005 Tour Blast

    We've got quite a bit happening this month, here's a little overview.

    • Aspects of Physics and Plastiq Phantom are embarking on a grand tour around the western coast in support of The Album Leaf of Sub Pop fame and Manuok.

    • Pleaseeasaur tour with funnyman Neil Hamburger.

    • imputor? and g25 Productions are teaming up for a 2-date 1-timezone world tour in California.

    • Also, a few one-offs here and here...

    See the live dates page for details/updates.
    posted by: j
    April 1st, 2005


    imputor? / g25 Tour

    Spanning 1 timezone!!! Featuring mad crazy bitches!!!

    Representing imputor?: Plastiq Phantom, El Poeta, Sindri, Portland

    Representing g25: Eight Frozen Modules, Vytear, Gears

    Representing the merch booth: The Snodgrass

    Wednesday April 20th, 2005

    Live @ The Casbah

    2501 Kettner Blvd.

    San Diego, CA 92101

    9pm, $5, 21+

    Saturday April 23rd, 2005

    Live @ Dim Sum Party Club Monthly

    142 Taylor Street (betw. Turk & Eddie)

    San Francisco, CA 94102

    9pm, $5, ALL AGES

    More info...

    posted by: j
    March 27th, 2005

    Watch out Spring/Summer imputor? new releases

    We got new Vells, Sindri, Otto Von Schirach, El Poeta, Plastiq Phantom, Scientific American, AEM, the Snodgrass, and maybe the boys from antarctica have been heard to be kicking out some fucking jams... fuck yeah mother fucker! - we can't stop we won't stop we don't stop
    posted by: d
    February 18th, 2005 now offering RSS News Feeds!


    imputor? is now offering an XML RSS feed of our latest news! RSS allows you to bookmark our feed in your browser (Firefox, Safari RSS only!) to get live up-to-date news links directly in your browser.

    You can also download a standalone RSS reader to get the feeds. Mozilla Thunderbird (the mail client) has built in RSS support so you can read the latest imputor? news right in your mail client without even having to go to the website!

    And for all you l33+ h4x0rz out there, if you know how to grab and parse XML, this means you can now syndicate our news on your own website!

    w000! Modern wankDM(tm) technology!
    posted by: j
    December 10th, 2004

    UP NOW Full MP3 downloads from NEW Releases

    just right over here...
    we will be releasing new songs every few weeks...
    posted by: d
    December 7th, 2004

    AOP tour w/ Pinback || Otto tour with SP (not smashing pumpkins!!)

    Yo foos!! Fall 2004 imputor is touring to your CITY!!!

    Aspects of Physics is on tour supporting there new album with fellow freinds Pinback. (about 30 dates across US) and Otto VOn Schirach is on tour with Skinny Puppy & almost done with his puke 12" masterpiece. dates here
    posted by: d
    October 26th, 2004

    Vells Popping Up on More radio Charts!!! #13 WNYU NYC!!

    OWhhhoooo our vells can not stop kicking ass.... !!!
    they debuted @ #13 in WNYU nyc - fizucccck Yizaaaaah!!!!

    1. Tom Waits - Real Gone (Anti-)
    2. Sons & Daughters - Love The Cup (Domino)
    3. Charles Atlas - Fabricate: Remixes Of The Album 'Worsted Weight' (Audraglint)
    4. Dean Roberts - And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema (Staubgold)
    5. V/A - The Late, Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered (Gammon)
    6. Phonophani - Oak Or Rock (Rune Grammofon)
    7. Interpol - Antics (Matador)
    8. Arcade Fire - Funeral (Merge)
    9. Yellotone - Tar File Junction (Ai)
    10. V/A - Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 1 (Subliminal Sounds)
    11. The Ex - Turn (Touch And Go)
    12. Lateduster - Easy Pieces (Merck)
    13. Vells - Flight From Echo Falls (Imputor?)
    14. Savath & Savalas - Manana (Warp)
    15. Sagan - Unseen Forces (Vague Terrain)
    16. Dizzee Rascal - Showtime (XL)
    17. Silkworm - It'll Be Cool (Touch And Go)
    18. V/A - Baile Funk 2 (Disco E Cultura )
    19. Vast Aire - Look Mom...No Hands (Chocolate Industries)
    20. Sagor & Swing - Orgelplaneten (Hapna)

    They are also #14 overall on KUPS !!! badda bammmmm
    posted by: d
    October 2nd, 2004

    Vells #1 on KEXP Northwest Chart !

    Vells have reached #1 in their second week on the KEXP radio seattle (the second biggest college radio station in the nation) - they are creeping up on the top 20 charts accross the nation...
    posted by: d
    September 28th, 2004

    qp in Resfest 2004 / Moog Soundtrack release Sept 14th

    plastiq phantom's fly video by nando costa & info here
    posted by: d
    September 6th, 2004

    imputor?'s Fall/Winter 2004 Release Schedule

    Announcing imputor?'s Winter 2004 Release Schedule

    September 2004
    - IMP023 - Vells: 'Flight From Echo Falls' CD

    October 2004
    - IMP024 - Aspects of Physics: 'MIF1: Ping' CD
    - IMP026 - Plastiq Phantom: 'Plastiq Phantom' CD

    November 2004
    - IMP025 - Dalmatians: 'Pop/Rock/Ruff Drafts Album' CD
    - IMP027 - Psychic Emperor: 'Skulls & Souls' 12"EP
    - IMP028 - Psychic Emperor: 'Psychic Emperor' CD

    Coming in 2005
    - Otto von Schirach, El Poeta, The Snodgrass, anotherelectronicmusician, more, more, more!!!

    Info, artwork, and soundclips available at


    posted by: j
    August 31st, 2004

    DJs On Strike! nominated in San Diego Music Awards

    Even though they are from Antarctica, DJs On Strike! have somehow been nominated for "Best Electronic" at the San Diego Music Awards. Even though Album Leaf will most surely win, vote for your favorite band of pirate grunge rockers here!
    posted by: yakitori toshimakito
    August 17th, 2004

    Fall '04 North American Release Schedule/.///

    sep 07 - Vells / LP

    oct 05 - Aspects of Physics / LP

    oct 05 - Plastiq Phantom / LP

    nov - Otto Von Schirach 12"

    nov - Elastic Leprechaun 12"

    Jan - Sindri/Otto 7" #2

    + mini LP from Dalmatians
    + mini LP from American Sheriff
    + Ep from El Poeta
    posted by: d
    July 26th, 2004

    Otto-VS-mania : skinny-puppy US Tour / Puke 12

    CHeck Otto out! he is sniffing more toes than EVER! on tour with Skinny puppy 6/20 -07/04 tours & he contributed to 3 songs on their new record --- he has finished another amazing LP for schematic his homeland && he is almost done with impuketor puke contest (which has turned into a 12" instead of a 7" -- bow bow bow - 3 songs and some acapella barfs... we'll be releasing that shit in the next few months!!! more Otto from impuketor to you!!! PS his new website rules too - check it out
    posted by: d
    May 28th, 2004

    New Vells LP in Fall & QP/Costa in OneDotZero Fest

    the vells have been hard at work recording their new LP - it is very close to completion and it sounds fuckin' rad/// recorded/produced by QP --- it sounds like a dusted off Pyschedelic Pop Jem from a timeless time. to be released in fall. --vells

    also a brand spankin new plastiq phantom track and an awesome video from nando costa & will debut @ the OneDotZero Festival in London-Japan

    posted by: d
    May 25th, 2004

    DJs on STrike a PICK!

    THis week the almost completly sold out DJs on Strike 12" is a pick on Grab one from turntable lab before they are all gone...!! ?? they also wrote this review: "It happens to the best of em. Woodman and K.Lim, one time downtempo-loving Lab interns, got seduced by the Roc and his big money gigs, trading in their MoWax and fake Bape (looking at you Woodman) for AV8s and bpm stickers. These days, if you want to follow in their footsteps, youll need to be able to toss not only the commercial set, but the tightly mixed rock set. Here's where this record comes in. No more sloppy switches to get "Teen Spirit" into the mix. The DJs On Strike have added beats, done some club friendly re-editing, and most importantly added mixable intros and outtros. The clueless wall streeters won't know what the fuck hit em. This is awesome. The best part is that the original rock feel is kept intact, this ain't no trance cinema bitch! "Smells Like(1)" is the easy pick, but I'm predicting the "Lithium" remix(2) is the one that's gonna smell it up." and there are sound clips./.....

    posted by: d
    May 17th, 2004

    plastiq phantom + bob moog + wiener.

    We've just gotten word that Plastiq Phantom will have an exclusive new track appearing in the currently-being-produced feature documentary about BOB MOOG. A track will also be appearing on the soundtrack alongside artists such as Stereolab, The Neptunes, Devo, Meat Beat Manifesto, Tortoise, DJ Spooky, The Cure, Money Mark, Luke Vibert, The Album Leaf, and others.
    More info at

    Plus, a followup to qp's debut full-length "Enjoy The Art of Lying Down" is near completion... wicker massive for sure.

    To support this influx of information, qp has just launched a brand new high-tech website that is 2 years in the making. All the latest bells and whistles, this design will blow your mind:
    posted by: plastiq snodgrass
    March 19th, 2004

    new FCS North & Scientific American OUt in JUNE!

    our buddies FCS North and Sientific American are starting a new label: Mass Mvmnt -- imputor? is distributing their first release - Hot new Tunes OUt in JUNE!
    posted by: d
    March 2nd, 2004

    NEW DJS ON STRIKE!! lim12inch and CDep OUT APR.

    yo, johnny just got off the barge from antarctica and dropped off a new 12"/CD single of all original booty shakin' antarctican soul music. Keep posted & email if you are interested in getting some promos for some promo help in your town!!! heep posted to the discog section for more info on the releases-- we will probably start taking pre-orders in february
    d & j
    posted by: d
    January 6th, 2004

    lee burridge charts plastiq phantom 12"

    in the current issue of URB (Dec), global underground DJ lee burridge @ #3 in his top 10... 492 cups to china that is...
    posted by: d
    December 28th, 2003

    Aspects of Physics on tour with PINBACK.


    ASPECTS OF PHYSICS will be embarking on a West Coast tour with indiepop masters and Touch and Go recording artists PINBACK through the end of the year. An odd pairing it may seem, but not so, as AOP's Jason Soares has done time in a handfull of Rob Crow's bands, including Thingy and the Remote Action Sequence Project, not to mention the fact that Rob Crow was a member of AOP's predecessor, the enigmatic PHYSICS. Now that we've got the San Diego incestual band tree out of the way, here are the dates:

    2003-11-30 @ The Scene
    with: Pinback
    San Diego, CA

    2003-12-09 @ Plush
    with: Pinback
    Tucson, AZ

    2003-12-10 @ Nita's Hideaway
    with: Pinback
    Tempe, AZ

    2003-12-11 @ Glasshouse
    with: Pinback
    Pomona, CA

    2003-12-12 @ Coach House
    with: Pinback
    Santa Barbara, CA

    2003-12-13 @ Starry Plough
    with: Pinback
    Berkeley, CA

    2003-12-15 @ Aladdin Theater
    with: Pinback
    Portland, OR

    2003-12-16 @ Showbox Showroom
    with: Pinback
    Seattle, WA

    2003-12-18 @ Slim's
    with: Pinback
    San Francisco, CA

    2003-12-19 @ El Rey Theatre
    with: Pinback
    Los Angeles, CA

    2003-12-21 @ Casbah
    with: Pinback
    San Diego, CA

    ASPECTS OF PHYSICS' debut CD "Systems of Social Recalibration" (IMP008) is available NOW from imputor? records. Double-vinyl available from Rocket Racer USA.

    "Maximized minimalism that encourages the listener to don the headphones and philosophize out."
    - URB Vol. 12 No. 97

    "A truly arresting collection of music."
    - XLR8R Sept 2002

    "Highlights shifting relationships between the intricacies of programmed sounds and the spontaneous fluidity of Ambient guitar."
    - The Wire #224


    Press Stuff (Bios, Photos, etc) available at
    Press contact:

    posted by: j
    November 20th, 2003

    imputor? conspirator WANK CHOPS stars in new Russel Crowe movie

    Go see the new Russel Crowe movie "Master and Commander" or whatever it is called, you will see imputor? cohort WANK CHOPS star in about 1.5 seconds of the film. in his 1.5 seconds of fame, you will see wank chops' face, swiftly followed by an elbow smashing into it! Wank Chops was going to be the star of the big battle scene at the end, but the pussy director cut all the bloody fight out to bring the rating from an R down to a PG-13. What a gyp.
    posted by: j
    November 20th, 2003

    otto loves PUKE... new Deadline After El guapos tour...

    Otto, has quite a few great pukes for his puke album *gasp* but check it -- he wants to accept submissions until he gets off his rocking fall tour de los guapos con leche with schematic-- so check the tour dates and send in your submissions for impuketor!!!
    posted by: d
    October 17th, 2003

    new stuff / Saur TOur / Snodgrass copyrighted in oregon.

    Otto is psyched with the PUker sounds, so thank you very very much all you contributors, you can pat yourselves on the back. Pleaseeasaur & oTto are on tour for oct/nov check them out in your town! live shows
    And the Snodgrass has won copyright to his name in the State of Oregon - cheers!
    posted by: d
    October 4th, 2003

    imputor? in the san diego music awards

    vote imputor? gangstas diagram of suburban chaos and aspects of physics who were both nominated for "best electronic" in the san diego music awards. also give props to our buddies ilya and via satellite in some other categories.
    posted by: j
    September 15th, 2003

    MTV VMA spot w/ imputor? tunes / nakd video online... chex it out yo -- best female vid is the one w/ imputorians jamming on the trumpets and clarinet-laptop-o-phones. on as well...
    posted by: d
    September 12th, 2003

    interview with the SNODGRASS over at enooze.

    Poor Snodgrass... all he wants is some presents, drawings, and goodies, yet all he ever gets is avant garde IDM questions.
    posted by: j
    September 8th, 2003

    impuketor? is over // On to stage to the OTTO processor

    Thanks for the audio contributions of PUKE ya'll!!
    posted by: d
    September 6th, 2003

    imputor? featured on MTV VMA - aug 28th...

    imputorites will be featured for 14 seconds in the best female video indtroduction piece...

    featured peeps in piece:::


    sindri, plastiq phantom, mug frosty, suspence


    hungryfordesign/nandocosta/nakd (coming soon as imputor-poster-style-7"-combo-pack)

    watch it world wide, YO...

    posted by: d
    August 26th, 2003

    it's d's birthday!!

    hey all, tomorrow august 26th is d's 18th birthday!!! everyone email him and tell him how much you love him! if you are a hot chick email him and tell him how much you want to do him!! now join me in your best IDM voice as we wish him a happy cumpleanos.

    happy birthday to you

    happy birthday to you

    happy birthday dear plastiq w33n0r

    happy birthday to yoooouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    posted by: j
    August 25th, 2003

    VOTE imputor? @ seattle weakly music awards

    there are three imputorians in the running, so at least vote for 1...
    posted by: bush's vote minions
    August 6th, 2003

    new raging pleaseeasaur unleashed / otto contest ext.

    Sup foos!! - i hope you all are having a cock-rocking summer or winter. the best album of 2003 officially came out today... pleaseeasaur's the yellow pages... you can buy it in ye old shoppe -- also due too popular puke-athon production (where one contestant reportedly drank someone else's puke, and then accidentally recorded the sounds) we will be extenteding the best contest of the century just for you! NEW DEADLINE SEPT 1st... thanks...
    posted by: d
    August 5th, 2003

    listen to this internet radio interview with j

    as a companion piece to the article on imputor? in the san diego union tribune last week, j went on world talk radio and was interviewed by the peeps. you can listened to the archived 15 minute interview here: click on segment 2. it's pretty fookin' silly!!!
    posted by: george w bush
    July 3rd, 2003

    DJs On Strike! on the cover of BPM / JULY

    There is a 2 page feature article on DJs On Strike! and the "Too Hot For Solid Steel" release in the JULY issue of BPM. Check it out.
    posted by: mystery
    June 20th, 2003

    TERROR ALERT: new zip code for imputor? 98127

    note to all the peeps we have pony express correspondece with- the terrorists got all up in our shit, and now we have a new zip code for protection purposes - don't tell them our new zip! but remember it is 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- 98127 not 98107 -- XOXOXOX
    posted by: d
    June 19th, 2003

    pleaseeasaur NEW album: {The Yellow Pages}

    imputor? is proud to announce the release of Pleaseeasaur's NEW album: {The Yellow Pages}.
    This fancy compact disque boasts 17 HOT new tracks that are sure to top the comedy/novelty/electronic charts world-wide!
    Be sure to buy this album at Ye Olde Shoppe or via the distros...and be extra sure to mark your calendars for the Pleaseeasaur tour coming through your city/township this summer!
    posted by: CNN
    June 5th, 2003

    NEW imputor? EU/UK distro: Intergrale Muzique

    thats right folks, more distro for imputor? in the EU/UK, courtesy of our friends at intergral muzique
    posted by: d
    May 16th, 2003

    DJs On Strike! in Grooves Mag #10

    DJs on Strike's Too Hot For Solid Steel gets called "a pirate's wet dream" in Grooves Mag #10. Cheq it here. Also, check out our sexy full-color add with AEM in the print version!
    posted by: j
    April 26th, 2003

    qp interview.... enooze
    posted by: dview on enooze
    April 2nd, 2003

    Aspects of Physics charts @ WKDU 91.7FM Philadelphia

    Cheq it, bytchez:

    WKDU 91.7FM Philadelphia

    RPM Chart from the past week.

    1 GFS Mount Vernon Street

    2 DJ KRUSH The Message At The Depth

    3 RICHIE HAWTIN AND SVEN VATH The Sound Of The Third Season

    4 MASSIVE ATTACK 100th Window

    5 APHEX TWIN 26 Mixes For Cash


    7 OTTO VON SCHIRACH Chopped Zombie Fungus


    9 ASPECTS OF PHYSICS Systems Of Social Recalibration

    10 PURETONE Stuck In A Groove

    posted by: j
    March 26th, 2003

    diagram of suburban chaos charts @ KUCI Irvine

    DOSC has charted at KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, CA. They have a webstream, tune in some time, they play good shit. Check out digital::nimbus fridays at midnight.
    posted by: j
    February 8th, 2003

    DJs on strike #1 at WRPI Troy, NY

    Subject: WRPI RPM charts for 1/27 - 2/2
    From: Steve Smith

    artist, title, label
    1. DJs on Strike, Too Hot for Silod Steel, Imputor?
    2. T.A.T.U., 200km/h in the Wrong Lane, Interscope
    3. Nightmares on Wax, Carboot Soul, Warp
    4. Jol, Cool Cat, Quango
    5. V/A: Richie Hawtin & Sven Vath, The Sound of the Third Season, Mute
    6. Amon Tobin, Verbal, Ninja Tune
    7. Aalacho, Sugar, [independent]
    8. V/A, La Bodega Lounge, Mondo Rhythmica
    9. Laika, Lost in Space, Beggars Banquet
    10. V/A, The Now Sound of Brazil, Six Degrees

    posted by: j
    February 4th, 2003

    DJs On Strike! Now Available @

    we have been waiting for these a long ass time.. they were each hand assembled with love and care by johnny kawasaki and the DJs On Strike! -- then sthipped from antartica on the vostok fograv barge! we just got them from the boat dock last night, and are totally pumped to have them for sale at a specaial pre-release price of $6.66 -- $2.33 off of the retail price. in stores 04/2003 -- limited supply so hook it up yo! ye olde shoppe PS. there are only 1000 of these for the world...
    posted by: d
    January 16th, 2003

    the revival of the imputor? series of events for 2003!

    back by popular demand! the revival of the imputor? series of events for 2003! last year we brought you acts like richard devine, phoenecia, otto von schirach, bogdan raczynski, cylob, dntel, kid-606, and many more. this year we plan on bringging you plenty more, and we start off on february 8th with "imputor? vs. n5md". read more here.
    posted by: j
    January 4th, 2003

    New Split 7" Now Available @ Boomkat(UK)

    PS: it is single of the week!

    posted by: d & j
    January 3rd, 2003

    Available @ Forced Exposure: Sindri&Otto/PPP split 7

    have a happy holidays, and buy that loved one a special 7" pink present!
    posted by: d
    December 20th, 2002

    welcome l'usine to seattle: see him @ geek night w/ Bobby Karate

    see subject & More Info & info on l'usine.
    posted by: d
    December 17th, 2002

    welcome Six Records & Sientific American to la familia.

    some fun new stuff is coming out soon, including a 7" from Sientific American w/ a remix by qp, and a wonderful compilation that we will be spreading around for the label six records. The Six Records Comp, and a surprise release imported from antartica will arrive in stores across US/Canada & our foreign distros in March check out the track listing in the discog imp017,imp013,imp015, and watch out for imp016 - hot shit too - xoxo d
    posted by: d
    December 13th, 2002

    Sindri & Otto / pp split 7" NEAR SOLD OUT.

    we have less than 25 copies of the pink sindri and otto von schirach /plastiq phantom people - split 7" left - so order soon. the rest have been sold to distro shops around the world. so you will be able to buy them, but after we are out, we cannot guarantee price or availability! ORDER NOW
    posted by: d
    November 13th, 2002

    New DoSC site from Hungry For Design!

    Nando Costa, AKA Hungry for Design has been so kind to create a new site for DoSC & we have launched it on DoSC's Birthday! Happy BirthDay DoSC! Check it out now:
    posted by: d
    November 2nd, 2002

    imputor? goes to Europe....

    Yo what up foos! we have sorted out distribution in parts of Europe... Austria/Germany/Switzerland and then some - keep posted for details...
    posted by: d
    October 25th, 2002

    now taking preorders: sindri & otto von schirach / ppp

    we're now taking pre-orders for the sindri & otto von schirach / plastiq phantom people split 7" .... they will be shipping the first week in november, maybe even earlier. only 500 are being pressed up, so get them quick from ye olde shoppe! only 5 bucks!
    posted by: j
    October 14th, 2002

    d is all poofy and red, but he will emerge victorious.

    man, imputor? headquarters has been getting ravaged! last month j had 4 teeth pulled from his skull, and it turns out d had some sort of virus from czheckslovakian beer he was drinking. weird x-files stlye shit - doctors do not know... but hey, we heard the 7" is done in nashville, so now they stick them on a train or a truck or something, and we get them in a week or 2 ---
    posted by: j d
    October 12th, 2002

    pleaseeasaur west coast tour with black heart procession

    the man, the myth, the legend: the PLEASEEASAUR will be embarking on a west coast tour supporting our buddies and touch & go recording artists check the dates & more info here!
    posted by: j-asaur
    October 4th, 2002

    sindri and otto von schirach / plastiq phantom people

    YO wassup - we got the test pressings from the titled 7" back from the plant and sound great... they will be limited to 500 hand numbered pink vinyl. once the 7"s are on their way back from the plant, we will start the preorder process! -- keep posted... and imagine if all these places fucking around with giant weapons and shit teamed together and built a giant missle rocketship --- we could be to the other end of the universe by now.
    posted by: el d
    September 25th, 2002

    Aspects of Physics nominated for San Diego Music Awards

    yes, that's right... best electronic! "Music which mixes goove, soul, and rock 'n roll elements" BWHAHAHAHA. also our buddy the spacewurm is nominated. the rest are a bunch of cheezey trance DJs and daft punk ripoffs. vote here.
    posted by: me
    September 16th, 2002

    Welcome trash80 & check out his new Reaktor Patch!

    trash80 aka timothy lamb, aka tresk, will be contributing to our upcoming compilation... he is a talented MOFO, in the compositions, and the coding...

    if you have a registered version of reaktor, you should download his new special patch from native instruments... i think it will be packaged with the new release as well.

    posted by: d
    September 12th, 2002

    hungry for design, and plastiq phantom have struck again:
    with the monthly flash intro for shift (japan) check it out in september @
    posted by: d
    September 9th, 2002

    Wank Chops vs. Russel Crowe

    Our beloved friend Wank Chops is moving down to Rosarito Mexico for 2 months for the filming of Russel Crowe's new $150 million dollar pirate story epic. He will be playing a French Naval Officer and will be seen swashbucking and raping and pillaging the pirates (including Mr. Crowe). He even gets 2 weeks of weapons training and everything. Unfortunately, Chop Wanks has sworn to secrecy about details of the movie, so you'll just have to wait till it's released to see our buddy kicking some Wussie Crowe pirate bootay!
    posted by: j
    September 4th, 2002

    Aspects of Physics East Coast Tour + Press

    Aspects of Physics is embarking on a mini East-Coast tour in support of their recently released debut album Systems of Social Recalibration. Check out the dates here.

    Also, press on the album is slowly rolling in.. we've recently posted reviews from this month's issues of URB and Mixer, plus a bunch of others.. read them here! More to come as it comes...

    posted by: j
    August 29th, 2002

    ye olde shoppe now distributing rocketracer usa!

    we are pleased to announce that we are now doing online distribution for our buddies at rocketracer usa! you can buy releases from accelera deck, randomnumber, tristeza, and aspects of physics using your credit card. new releases will appear as they are available. browse ye olde shoppe for good music!
    posted by: j
    August 17th, 2002

    J is not dying, but he could.

    poor J from imputor? has come down with a mad case of getting his wisdom teeth pulled. now that he is enlightened his sneezes are so powerful he busted open his wounds again, and almost died again... so we all need to get together and send him flowers, and drop by his house with flowers and love, and naked girls... thanks alot for helping us out at this critical transitional period in his mouth.
    posted by: d
    August 13th, 2002

    JFRE "Robot" Coad - Male Supermodel?

    In LA fasion news: You can find Aspects of Physics' JFRE "Robot" Coad modeling the newest urban gear in this month's issue of BPM Culture Magazine. It describes Jeff like this: "Zip Coad actually lives this way. He sleeps on couches. He has no money. His hair hasn't been cut in 15 years. And you know what, holmes? If the roof comes down, he'll still be standing. Go Zip!" HAH! Check out a scan here.
    posted by: j
    August 3rd, 2002

    Hungry For Design & plastiq phantom strike again...

    hungry for design and plastiq phantom have completed another video project, with totally new original music from plastiq phantom.

    click here to read a bit about the project.

    click here to go straight to the video.

    posted by: d
    July 17th, 2002

    new pleaseeasaur system administration launched.

    suck on this, hipsters:
    posted by: j
    June 26th, 2002

    aspects of physics [imp008] + pleaseeasaur [imp014] now available.

    you can now purchase aspects of physics' debut record systems of social recalibration directly from ye olde shoppe, 3 weeks before it hits stores! also now available is pleaseeasaur's beef flavored island adventures EP. happy shopping, lovers!
    posted by: j
    June 15th, 2002

    rephlex braindance + imputor? world tour photos posted

    yo, some photos from both the rephlex braindance coincidence and imputor? world tours from this past month have been posted... check them out !!
    posted by: j
    June 7th, 2002

    Aspects of Physics contest over! Winners posted!

    so we got a lot of responses to the question how can bean burritos bring forth global social upheaval and social recalibration? ... most of the responses were generic un-creative obvious fart jokes, and they lost... but the winners were brilliant! check them out here.
    posted by: j
    May 27th, 2002

    calculator man & hangar are back!

    well kinda... they just posted two new (old) mp3s on their site. some old shit from 1999 that is pretty funny to listen to. head on over to to check out these tracks. hah!
    posted by: jay-dawg
    May 19th, 2002

    halicon's long awaited back_up [imp005] now available!!

    this is history for the future... halicon's fresh old stock from 1997 & 1998, composed/recorded onto crappy casettes, recently digitized and mastered by plastiq phantom, are now available as handmade 3" CD-Rs. these are limited to 100 copies and are available in ye olde shoppe .. come on and rock it with us, old school stylee.
    posted by: j-icon
    May 18th, 2002


    If there is a place you like to buy records, either online or a store, and you can't find imputor? let them and me know ( - you can now get our stuff @,, Borders, HMV, Tower, Virgin, Amoeba, Rasputin, so tell them to buy it if you don't see it. --- WE just made an agreement with Razler Records, and will be bringing you another installment from Pleaseeasaur (Beef Flavored Island EP) - that should be out in August --- The Olivv/imputor? comp is nearly finished, and should be released in September. HungryForDesign has used qp's 492 cups to china in this RAD animation here: --- BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR IMPUTOR? VINYL VERY SOON --- word has it that the Snodgrass has finished his first project for imputor?, but last i heard The Chemical Brothers were trying to get Astralwerks to BUY the rights, and put their name on it -- don't give in snod, stay with the indie empire, we still love you! we love all of you too! that is why we love you!!! d
    posted by: d
    May 8th, 2002

    yo foos!!!! today is J's birthday!!!

    everyone send him email with exciting attachments!!! OK.

    we love you j.

    we love the snodgrass!!!
    posted by: d
    May 3rd, 2002

    pleaseeasaur's as seen on tv [imp012] now available.

    you can now order pleaseeasaur's full-length debut as seen on tv from ye olde shoppe. "paul mccartney's penis" will become your favorite song of all time!!!
    posted by: j
    May 1st, 2002

    win a free copy of aspects of physics' debut CD [imp008].

    we are giving away five free copies of the debut aspects of physics cd from imputor? titled systems of social recalibration... a full three months before it hits stores! to enter the contest, you just gotta answer a stupid question.

    or if you want to buy a copy, it will be available in ye olde shoppe very soon!

    posted by: j
    April 24th, 2002

    !!! Announcing the imputor? world tour 2002 !!!

    imputor? is embarking on its 2nd world tour this may. plastiq phantom, diagram of suburban chaos, aspects of physics, the snodgrass, halicon, and nautilis will be making various appearances around the globe. get info here!!!
    posted by: j
    April 12th, 2002

    Domain Systems, Inc. sucks!

    check out this entertaining little exchange with a cybersquatter. who knew that imputor? was worth so much?
    posted by: j
    March 27th, 2002

    Nautilis remix of Plastiq Phantom now out on Planet-mu

    Nautilis' debut 12" on the WarpMart.
    posted by: j
    March 18th, 2002

    imputor? lands north american distribution deal with nail/allegro

    the last piece of the imputor? puzzle, distribution, was finally put into place today. we are now nationally (us + canada) distributed via nail, a division of allegro corporation. major accounts include barnes & noble, tower records, HMV, virgin megastore, wal mart, loads of independent stores and tons of others. records should begin hitting stores in may. buy our stuff! ... to keep us going, and to defeat the terrorists!
    posted by: j
    February 22nd, 2002

    Limited number of Mixed Signals available in ye olde shoppe...

    We've got a very limited number of copies of the Tristeza remix album Mixed Signals available for purchase from ye olde shoppe for only 10 smackers. Features remixes by imputor?'s own diagram of suburban chaos and the snodgrass, plus marumari, styrofoam, scientific american + more.
    posted by: j
    February 20th, 2002

    schematic photos from v.so6.0

    we've posted some photos from imputor? v.so6.0.. lots of neato avant garde art-wank shots of the schematic crew. cheq it here
    posted by: j
    February 18th, 2002 Re-launch has been re-designed to include a live performance timetable, writings, full length music videos, and more.
    posted by: j
    January 25th, 2002

    imputor? now distributed by

    you can now purchase all of our releases using your mom's stolen credit card over at
    posted by: j
    January 7th, 2002

    Diagram of Suburban Chaos in the tabloids.

    Yes, Diagram's dreams are becoming reality - kids living in the suburban chaos of middle-america Walmarts and Sav-Ons will soon be reading about his tunes. Keep an eye out for Status Negatives reviews and articles in the February and March issues of CMJ weekly, BPM culture, Mixer, XLR8R, URB, and the wierdest of all, a feature review in Spin magazine. Who'll be on the cover... Kid Rock? Blink-182? Puffy? or DOSC?
    posted by: j
    January 7th, 2002

    imputor? welcomes the schematic crew to san diego.

    our first (6.0) event for 2002 will be a special feature of the schematic label from miami, florida on saturday, feb 16th 2002 at the casbah in san diego. performing live will be richard devine, phoenecia, and otto von schirach, plus local acts TBA. for more info.
    posted by: j
    December 31st, 2001

    fire is hot, but we are hotter.

    - the diagram full length will be released in the US and Europe in stores the first week of february - watch the press.
    we have partnered with the wonderful Belgian label: zealrecords (the zealectronic division) for the European distribution of this soon to be classic.

    - the aspects of physics LP will be released summer 2002 with the European version coming out on Mono 6 records out of Germany.

    - i say DAMN we are breeding like rabbits over here - Nautilis of planet mu, coldcut, and BR remix fame has signed on with us for his next full length LP to be out on imputor? when he finishes... so welcome him to the familia!!!


    posted by: d & j
    November 23rd, 2001

    live sets & photos from v.so5.0 posted.

    we've posted live sets from sonic wallpaper, trash80, and languis, as well as photos of all the acts, on the page. check them out, and sell them on ebay.
    posted by: j
    November 20th, 2001

    welcome aspects of physics to the imputor? family.

    we are proud to be releasing aspects of physics' debut album in the very near future. they are a group of wonderful people who bring a lot more than music to the table. more on that later. have a listen to our newest family member here, here, or here.
    posted by: j
    October 21st, 2001

    imputor? v.so5.0 - live noise in november.

    version 5 of our electronic music night is going down in san diego on november 14th. performers include the spacewrm, languis, trash80, sonic wallpaper, dj suck it, and others. get more detailed info and check out the flyer from the page
    posted by: j
    October 6th, 2001

    "i wouldn't be suprised to see diagram picked up by warp..."

    yeah, that's right, those cronies at warp records are trying to steal our artists again. check out this review of DOSC's debut record over at
    posted by: imputor?
    September 27th, 2001

    the snodgrass, live bootleg of death.

    a live set from mp3 archive page. lots of never-before-heard goodies for all you snodgrass sluts out there. where the fuck is his album? maybe this is it? who knows.

    there's also another new special suprise for you all in the mp3 page.. phear the cue-why presets of death.

    posted by: HAL
    August 31st, 2001

    new items for sale in ye olde shoppe

    we are now doing distribution for the djs on strike label. you can purchase johnny kawasaki's djs on strike vol.1 from ye olde shoppe for 5 bucks. also for sale is the limited select imputor? promo from plastiq phantom. just for shits and giggles.
    posted by: j
    August 2nd, 2001

    dosc + the snodgrass vs. tristeza

    the Tristeza remix album entitled MIXED SIGNALS is on its way to the plant. on it you will find reworks by our very own diagram of suburban chaos and the snodgrass. other remixers include marumari, scientific american, styrofoam, lackluster, fridge, and more. the cd will be released
    by rocket racer.

    posted by: j
    July 30th, 2001

    dosc live (but not really) on groovetech

    you can catch an archive of diagram of suburban chaos' live groovetech set from last week here:

    scroll into around 56 minutes for the beginning of dovsc's set.

    posted by: j
    June 29th, 2001

    halicon's back-up out soon on limited 3" CD

    halicon's archive cassette of lost tracks has been found, and will be released very soon as a 21 minute limited 3" CD. back-up is a 4 track e.p. of material dating back to 1998 created in the studio @ 98003, except for citrene, which goes back to 97. we feel that it is still relevant today. this is to wet your whistle for the future full length from the man of mystery from d8ton, oh. you can hear one of the tracks (niugnep) on the mp3 page, and you will be able to buy it very shortly from ye olde shoppe using your mom's credit card. this release will be limited to a few hundred handmade copies.
    posted by: j
    June 24th, 2001

    secure credit card ordering fully operational like the death star

    hey rich people, we now have the ability to sell our loot via this website by exploiting CCNow's secure credit card ordering system. diagram of suburban chaos' status negatives and plastiq phantom's enjoy the art of lying down are now available. try ye new and improved olde shoppe and get imputor? tunes shipped straight to your door directly from us (goodies included).
    posted by: j
    June 22nd, 2001

    plastiq phantom north american tour with scanner

    the two are embarking on a north american tour. UK artist SCANNER is touring in support of his new album SCANNERFUNK, and the plastiq phantom is touring in support of his new album ENJOY THE ART OF LYING DOWN. confirmed dates are as follows:

    date city venue
    07.06.01 LOS ANGELES CA knitting factory
    07.07.01 SEATTLE WA baltic room
    07.08.01 SAN FRANCISCO CA xlr8r mag. night, venue unconfirmed
    07.09.01 CHICAGO IL smart bar
    07.11.01 washington, DC 930 club
    07.13.01 NEW YORK NY joe's pub

    more dates to be added.. keep an eye on the live page for any changes.

    posted by: j
    June 8th, 2001

    plastiq phantom on amazon / pre-order dovsc's status negatives

    you can now buy the new plastiq phantom full length "enjoy the art of lying down" from ... hook it up so he can buy some more ramen!

    also, it's not to late to pre-order the first full length from imputor? - diagram of suburban chaos' "status negatives" ... the price is $10(us) + $2 shipping for the us, and $4 for the rest of the world. you can pay via by sending funds to or you can send a check or money order to:


    post office box 17489

    seattle, washington 98107

    usa, planet earth.

    posted by: j
    May 3rd, 2001

    Foundation Skateboards vs. Calculator man & hangar

    call it like something from calculator man & hangar's debut EP "it's andersen, not anderson bytch!" will be featured in the upcoming video/DVD from foundation skateboards entitled "the good times are killing me". it'll be alongside tracks by mudhoney, sebadoh, modest mouse, and others. when's the last time you heard an "idm" act doing acoustic guitar jammery? buy it when it comes out and all the punk skater kids on your block will think you're cool!

    p.s., calculator man & hangar have begun work on their next LP ... watch out, it's going to break your balls!

    posted by: j
    May 3rd, 2001

    diagram of suburban chaos full length, "status negatives"

    the diagram of suburban chaos full length "status negatives" is finished.

    since we at imputor? like to try new things, we are going to do a limited edition pre-release of this record. 100 hand numbered copies to the first 100 web customers, starting now. by pre-release, we mean pre-press also, meaning that we will ship out all 100 copies before we send the promotional copies to the press. So the first 100 people will hear it before anyone else. And as a special
    bonus for you early customers, the 23rd, 66th and 99th order placed will be free (we will give u your money back, because you were lucky). The packaging is extremeley snazzy, with a silk screened pressed CD with 15 fresh as fuck tracks tracks mastered by qp(with one track co-produced by plastiq phantom) @ the velcro lounge. The price is $10(us) + $2 shipping for the US, and $4 for the rest of the world. You can pay via by sending funds to or you can send a check or money order to:


    post office box 17489

    seattle, washington 98107

    usa, planet earth.

    posted by: imputor?
    April 3rd, 2001

    snotass hardcore mix

    the snodgrass has posted a dj mix set of semi-hardcore/hardcore tracks on his website. you can download it here (46MB).

    update: the snodgrass is just a dj maniac these days.. he just threw together an hour and a half set of idm/ambient/downtempo/jazzy/indie rock-ness for you all to enjoy.. instead of me wasting space here, you should head on over to www[dot]thesnodgrass[dot]com and download all this shit before he gets sued and has to take them all down. track lists are available on his pages.

    posted by: j
    March 31st, 2001

    new website goodies

    over the past 2 weeks or so we've been adding lots of features to the site:

    • mailing list - sign up to receive imputor? news and shit directly delivered to your email or real mailbox.
    • live show database - you can check out past/future shows by all the imputor? artistas.
    • discussion board - yeah baby, new and improved.
    • audio terrorist buddy network - web-based instant messaging with fellow audio terrorists via our buddies at access it via the home page

    more as it develops!
    posted by: j
    March 20th, 2001

    where have all the's gone?

    network solutions stole from us.. we recommend you boycott them and use instead.

    in the meantime while we're fighting to get the domain back, you can access the qp site directly at ...


    posted by: j
    March 19th, 2001


    here's some upcoming release info:

    plastiq phantom - enjoy the art of lying down full length on sweet mother - out everywhere any day now.

    calculator man and hangar - limited edition (500qty) 7" ("lollipop" b/w "hey janice") on the

    the snodgrass - possible remixes on the forthcoming
    tristeza double remix album. CD & double LP vinyl formats.

    posted by: j
    March 12th, 2001

    buy plastiq phantom cds so he can buy ramen.

    want to get your hands on some official plastiq phantom material (even though you can get the mp3s for free)? go here to buy 2 of the comps (free activation series vol 2 & standard sounds vol 1) featuring the qp tracks select imputor? and a simple chaos respectively:

    snatch them up before qp is (more) famous, and sell them on ebay in 5 years for a 458% profit.

    also... rumor has it that the plant pressing his full length enjoy the art of lying down (sweet mother) got jacked in the seattle quake, so its release has been delayed.

    posted by: j
    March 8th, 2001

    NO MORE SPAM! new message board

    yeah we got tired of that piece of beetle shit discoverapp chat thing, so now we're running some open source stuff, baby. check out our new phorum, yo.
    posted by: j
    March 5th, 2001

    your suzuki sleeps with the fishes

    johnnyboy kawasaki is back, and this time he's fucking pissed. check out his brand new neon big haired 80s megamix titled "djs on drike" over at the bootleg page.
    posted by: j
    February 6th, 2001

    live halicon / plastiq ween0r on ebay

    for all you midwestern EW ESS OF AY folk, halicon is playing a show at a PETA benefit this friday feb 9th @ antioch college. check out the flyer and go support some live bleedish aircake music.

    a promo of plastiq phantom's new full length on the sweet mother label can be had for some chump change over at ebay. go buy it so that this dude can exploit qp and prevent him from affording rent or eating!!

    also, there are rumors going around of a rave happening at the snodgrass' house before the san diego leg of the imputor? world tour. mail him for details

    posted by: j
    February 4th, 2001


    anyone interested in remixing our beloved korean pop star HEECHUL, shoot an email over to for some top secret covert instructions, including access to the spearated master tracks.
    posted by: remix coordinator
    January 23rd, 2001

    new qp press - go to the mag store and check it out...

    album reviews:

    URB -- Jan / Feb Issue.

    CMJ -- February pg 76.

    Time Out (New York) -- issue 278 pg 116.

    Mixer -- jan/Feb issue

    there is also a feature on qp in the new Resonance Magazine

    all reviews will be posted on soon.
    if you see any more imputor? press, please let us know...


    posted by: d
    January 22nd, 2001

    new show dates posted

    yo, we just posted a bunch of new show dates, including a 2-date imputor? world tour featuring plastiq phantom, diagram of suburban chaos, and the snodgrass. they have all requested that the ladies in attendance dress provocitavely and be prepared to have sex after the show. that is all for now...
    posted by: j
    January 6th, 2001

    limited edition MP3 radio stream

    yo. as a christmas present to all of those close and dear to us, this christmas weekend & all the way through the new year we will be broadcasting some tunage live over the internet. what you'll hear is all the imputor? releases, including unreleased & live stuff from the entire imputor? roster, as well as other artists we like. to tune in, open up your MP3 player, and open location to ... or you can check us out on the shoutcast charts.

    take a look at the current playlist, it also shows the last 69 tracks played.

    merry night to all, and to all a good christmas.


    - your imputor? buddies
    posted by: j [at] imputor [dot] com
    December 24th, 2000


    the song is up in our mp3 section, titled: SONG FOR REMIX CONTEST.
    It is a hot song by our buddy heechul, a korean pop star. We will be providing you with
    the original voice track seperated from the music also. The deadline for remix submissions is:
    Feburary 1st. We will set up a section in the site to host everyones mp3mixes... if you can't post
    an mp3, send some kind of recording to our PO box and we will do it for you... we are thinking of
    judgeing by popular vote of the public... good luck and have massive amounts of fun... i know i will.
    love d...

    posted by: the remix coordinator
    December 11th, 2000


    plastiq phantom's website has been redesigned.
    posted by: j
    December 11th, 2000

    do not read this. i will sue you.

    this is a test of our new news posting system blah blah blah pay no attention.
    posted by: j
    December 11th, 2000

    calcuhang vs. gnade

    we finally got around to posting the uncensored/uncut adam gnade interview with calculator man and hangar.

    posted by: j
    December 6th, 2000

    plastiq girlie

    there is a plastiq phantom page at girlie action media.

    posted by: j
    December 6th, 2000

    goodies, calculator man & hangar get dissed.

    sup bitches, sup sluts, hey we added a section full of goodies for all your voyeristic needs. things like photos, flyers, newspaper clippings, and used condoms. you know, the same old bullshit. keep checking back now and then, cause it's gonna keep growing. yay!

    oh, and check out this review of calculator man and hangar:

    "IDM of the Mu-Ziq variety is usually for those with a short attention span, but this artist can't seem to stick with anything for more than a few seconds." (Reviewed by Marc K.)

    another glowing review... the press fucking loves these guys!

    posted by: j
    December 5th, 2000

    live imputorians

    check out our new live section dudes! mwah! johnny signed our contract... woo he is now an official unofficial imputorian, but we didn't really tell you that yet!! we love djs on strike dot com- wee~~~ d

    posted by: d
    December 4th, 2000


    i just ate some potatoe salad.
    j (at) imputor (dot) com

    posted by: j
    December 4th, 2000

    imputor? in antarctica

    today, J set foot (with Hangar and And by his side) in Antartica to meet up with our boy Johnny Kawasaki... I told him to bring me a penguin back... he should hook up with johnny tommorow, and we will give you some news dude. we are going to buy his soul, and exploit the eskimo :). oh yeah J is gonna snap some photos of johnny.

    posted by: d
    November 30th, 2000

    bootlegs for you, bootlegs for me, bootlegs for everybody!

    more mp3s up today - 3 plastiq phantom tracks formerly available, but these versions are mastered by Frank Arkwright (del Mu-ziq, Squarepusher, Autechre, and more...), and at a 192 sampling rate instead of 128....wee!! in the next week, expect some new freshley masterd diagram of suburban chaos stuff - yep, stuff from the record you haven't heard yet!!! whoo!

    posted by: d
    November 29th, 2000

    record releasing info stuff.

    diagram of suburban chaos' (dovsc's) recerd is in z final stages -- eek... we decided that it needs to be 16 tracks instead of 13 - the plan is to press it on CD, and if the demand is quite high for the vinyl, we will press that, but there are already plans for a post "status negatives" dovsc 12 inch, with new material not on full length CD-- back to the status of status - dovsc has to get z last track wired 1058 miles to me, for the final mastering - then the album goes to the pressing plant -- then we get copies, then z publicist (our boy frank - who was the publicist for bogdan raczynski's first album, and some other rephlexers, and some ninja tuners -- he also helped work OK Computer) works that shit, and gets our boy diagram some press - the street date for the diagram is SPRING 2001

    oh yeah, the plastiq phantom LP "enjoy the art of lying down" comes out on Sweet Mother Recordings Feburary 2001 in association with imputor? distributed in Japan, Europe, New Zealand, and the states...and then some... xoxo, d.

    posted by: d
    November 28th, 2000

    dovsc album

    hey all you dovsc fans! the diagram of (formerly ov) suburban record is done. 13 tracks
    of new stylee from imputor? expect it out in your hands early 2001. the halicon mini LP is
    currently being assembled from the massive cassette archive he has from chasing
    chickens with spatulas and hoppin' skippin' like a cardboard box. Two fucking brilliant
    records that make me cum in my pants more often than my x-girlfriend did.
    posted by: d
    September 22nd, 2000

    calculator man & hangar are famous.

    whoa, calculator man and hangar are actually getting some press. check out this
    interview by adam gnade of the san diego union tribune. the full uncut uncensored
    version will be posted on the site soon.
    posted by: j
    September 22nd, 2000


    ok kids, some nice news today. plastiq phantom will be performing at bumbershoot this
    year, and hangar, and and will be up for the show, so there we will debut the first ever
    live performance by calculator man and hangar. this will kick ass... the show is monday
    september 4th (labor day) @ 7pm at the bumberclub within the $12 a day bumbershoot
    festival... Come check out our friends/fans modest mouse, who are also playing the
    festival... has all the info.

    status on our upcoming releases:
    diagram of suburban chaos, halicon, and the snodgrass are all hard at work on
    their records. dovsc is pretty much done with his, so all we have to do is pick the
    order and press the fuckers. We are hearing less and less from dovsc...what is
    going on here? halicon is hard at work in ohio chasing chickens with logs and
    spatulas. the snodgrass is almost done with his debut thingee... it is gonna kick
    posted by: d
    August 11th, 2000

    calculator man & hangar vs. the world

    calculator man & hangar were featured on the back cover of this month's louzine.. it
    states: "from san diego to seattle, a long distance electronic freakshow." couldn't be
    more accurate...

    hey, speaking of those freaks, they just put up two slideshows of their recent trip to
    hollywood and disneyland! check them out:

    calculator man & hangar vs. disneyland
    calculator man & hangar vs. limp bizcuit and the la riots
    posted by: j
    July 13th, 2000

    it's andersen, not anderson, bytch!

    calculator man & hangar have completed their first ep and the
    second release by imputor? you can buy it's andersen, not
    anderson, bytch! for the price of a taco bell combo meal over at
    ye olde shoppe. or pirate an mp3 of their hit single that's a
    slamming midget you have, paul andersen over at the pirates only
    section of our website.
    posted by: j
    June 1st, 2000

    older news too.