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If there is a place you like to buy records, either online or a store, and you can't find imputor? let them and me know ( - you can now get our stuff @,, Borders, HMV, Tower, Virgin, Amoeba, Rasputin, so tell them to buy it if you don't see it. --- WE just made an agreement with Razler Records, and will be bringing you another installment from Pleaseeasaur (Beef Flavored Island EP) - that should be out in August --- The Olivv/imputor? comp is nearly finished, and should be released in September. HungryForDesign has used qp's 492 cups to china in this RAD animation here: --- BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR IMPUTOR? VINYL VERY SOON --- word has it that the Snodgrass has finished his first project for imputor?, but last i heard The Chemical Brothers were trying to get Astralwerks to BUY the rights, and put their name on it -- don't give in snod, stay with the indie empire, we still love you! we love all of you too! that is why we love you!!! d
posted by: d
May 8th, 2002