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OTTO, VELLS & New Project Updates....

We hope 2006 is treating you as well as uS.

WE got some rad shit for 2006 or at least being made in 2006.

))))))) VELLS (((((((((

We are putting the final touches on the Vells Album, and getting it ready for Mixing. The Artwork has started being worked on by Nando Costa, Jeremiah Green, & Linn Olofsdotter.

{{{{{OTTO VON SCHIRACH}}}}}}}}}}

Mister OTTO has turned the Puke Masters in to be cut by the record cutters -- we got the tests back, and had to send them back to get cut again... Otto and imputor? demand perfection. So that puts it off a bit longer, but don't worry the art is done, and waiting for the beautiful sloppy slimey seductions to slip into the gatefold. ...

posted by: d
March 12th, 2006